2018 Christmas appeal

Dec 6, 2018

Moving out of the family home and in to one with friends is something many young people look forward to, and Cyrus is no different.

Through his involvement at one of our Day Services in Cherrybrook over many years, Cyrus has made friends and developed connections. He was living in a group home, but Cyrus said:

‘There was no community like there is at Inala; it was just a house in a street.’

He dreamed of living in a home he could call his own with his friends at Inala.

Then in October 2018, we were able to offer Cyrus a home at Coolamon with his friends Anthony, Peter, Simon and Tony. Cyrus was literally over the moon – his dream had come true.

More than that, his parents say Inala is where Cyrus feels he belongs. He is with friends and people who care about him; with people he trusts and friends he can share interests with.

Being in his own home has meant that Cyrus can begin to make a life of his own.

Making a life of their own is something all parents wish for their children, but for those with a son or daughter living with disability, making this happen can be more complex.

When Nicole found out that her daughter Renee had been offered a home at Inala, she says:

‘It felt like we had won the lottery; a great weight was lifted from our shoulders.’

Nicole’s husband Andy also reflects:

‘It is so comforting to see Renee smile – we know she is happy and settled. She is cared for with dignity and respect, and is a cherished member of the Inala community. She has found her home.’

It is our greatest wish this Christmas to be able to make the dream of living at an Inala home a reality for more people like Cyrus and Renee – and their families.

Every day we see the difference your generous support makes in the lives of individuals living with disability – sharing a home with their friends, becoming more independent and active in their community, learning new skills and leading healthy and fulfilling lives.

Making a life of their own.

By donating to our Christmas appeal, you can help make a dream come true for those on our waiting list and their families.

We thank you for your support and wish everyone a joyful festive season from all of us at Inala.

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