For individuals living with disability, access and mobility is vital for supporting independence and choice, building relationships with friends, families and the community, and developing confidence and life skills, as well as being a member of a respectful and supportive community. Your support today means Inala can provide better access to vital support and services into the future. Thanks to the generosity of supporters and donors like you, Inala continues to provide a rich variety of flexible, individually tailored programs and services that recognise the unique abilities of individuals living with disability, and supports individual aspirations and development.

For Anthony, Simon, Cyrus and Peter, your support means they can enjoy the everyday activities that many people take for granted.

From fishing trips, to socialising with friends, to holidays, the four friends and housemates live lives full of fun, friendship and precious memories.

“I have fun with my friends at Coolamon. Anthony and I went on a boat, we wore life jackets. We did some fishing and caught a big blue swimmer crab, which we cooked and ate for dinner. We also went camping on the Inala grounds.” – Peter

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity and support to live a life of their own. Your donation today will help us support independence, social and practical skills and, just as importantly, fun, laughter and well-being.

We need your help today, to continue to provide facilities, access and equipment that sustain and develop vital supports and services for our clients and community. Cyrus, who also attends the day service program at Dulkara, recently ventured out with other members of the Inala Photography Group. Each Thursday morning, the group meets for a cup of tea and to talk about where they want to go for that day’s photos. It could be a park, reserve, nursery, junkyard – wherever and whatever captures their interests!

Cyrus says, “I enjoyed photography with Dulkara, going to Auburn Botanic Gardens and taking photos of flora and fauna.”

Your generosity and warmth of spirit is a testament to the extraordinary commitment of supporters like you. You are not only helping to provide access to meaningful lives for individuals living with disability, you are also investing in a more inclusive and equitable society.

Your donation directly supports individuals living with disability in making meaningful connections every day. Whether through the community, technology or through helping others, these connections help build independence, social and practical skills and, just as importantly, provide fun, laughter and well-being. Please, consider a gift to Inala today.

“I like to go out for lunch or a café for a cappuccino and walking with the guys for some exercise. I have been fishing on a boat, we had a picnic lunch and caught a Bream.” – Anthony

Alexandra Davis

CEO, Inala