A sense of belonging

Dec 11, 2018

One of the remarkable things about Inala is the dedication and commitment of our staff. Many have been with us for a significant amount of time, and every five years, we recognise these individuals at our annual Christmas party with Years of Service awards.

This year, on 10 December, we were able to acknowledge the valued contribution of many individuals who have spent, in some cases, their life’s work with us.

Kevin Cook and Martin Porteous both received awards commemorating 25 years of service to Inala; Daniel Puttlitz, Rebecca van Bilsen and Lydia Webb celebrated 20 years; and many others celebrated significant anniversaries of five years or more.

Daniel Puttlitz, North West Day Manager noted:

‘Inala is a place where a real community exists. Staff experience a real sense of involvement and purpose, they feel at home, and that is reflected in the years of service of so many. It’s a feeling of belonging.’

We would like to thank all staff who received awards yesterday for their contribution and ongoing commitment to Inala.

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