Inala’s vision is for a community, which is conscious of its members, and where each individual makes their unique contribution.

We believe that each person has many communities to which they belong.

We believe that a community exists when people experience a sense of belonging, when people know each other, support each other and each person is enabled to contribute in his or her own unique way.

We strive to achieve this through the highest quality, human centered services, recognising the abilities and supporting the aspirations and development of each individual.

Our approach is based on the belief that each person has the ability and the right to impart meaning and direction to their own life. We support this through relationships of openness, respect and collaboration to create opportunities responsive to the changing needs of the body, soul and spirit.

Our founding inspiration is a picture of each human being as a unique individual who enters into the world with a unique destiny,  to create  a  life of  meaning and purpose and relationships  through  bodily, soul and spiritual capacities. It recognises the spiritual nature and wholeness of individuals, regardless of ability or disability, gender, race, creed or background.

We celebrate each individual and his or her unique contribution.