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For the first time I feel that we are not alone in trying to provide our son with a happy and fulfilling life. Inala have provided him with a superior level of care and breadth of opportunities that we have not encountered before.

Inala Parent

Inala benefits enormously from the help of others; we hope our volunteers experience directly the joy and reward of enhancing the lives of the wonderful individuals we are actually all supporting together.

Martin Porteous, Joint CEO, Inala

Inala has been very responsive to the ever changing needs of our son. The staff do an amazing job.

Eva Seymour, Inala Parent

Inala provides a stimulating, safe and challenging environment. Inala is like a family and I am completely happy with the services Inala offers and more importantly the love and respect given to all.. Inala has moved with the times and has supported our son carefully, communicating constantly, as he gets older and his needs change.

Judy Whitlam, Inala Parent

We have enjoyed every minute of our time at Inala. Volunteering as a team really brings us together and helps us bond. We all feel great at the end of the day knowing we have done something really worthwhile.

UPS Human Resources Manager

Working at Inala is fun and educating. Working with the clients every day really creates that understanding that makes this work so unique. It is beautiful to see the interaction between the Staff and the Clients and how everyone can learn from one another and build friendships.

Tirza, German Volunteer at Inala, 2017