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Published in spring and autumn every year, Inala news features what’s been happening at Inala.


Latest edition … Autumn 2019

Brimming with stories of creativity, our seasonal theme, this edition features Crusaders of the Coast, who are making art to inspire and educate their community, and the gentlemen at Mulla Mulla and Orion, who are creating a home through improvements to their kitchen and garden.

Creativity in all its forms is a vital element of the Steiner-inspired approach at Inala and this year, we again look forward to creating art and music; creating new possibilities; and creating new connections.

Above all, with a number of people in great need of accommodation at Inala, we are committed to ensuring that individuals living with disability can create a life of their own. Read on for how you can be part of our greatest goal for 2019.


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Annual report

Each annual report provides a summary of our operations during the previous financial year. It also reflects the stories within our community; the many individual achievements at Inala throughout the year; and the range of opportunities for all to re-imagine possibilities, make connections and grow.


2018 Annual Report

‘As we look back on the year 2017–18, we celebrate not only the many achievements of our organisation and its exceptional services, but we also celebrate over 60 years of Inala’s development as a rich, intentional and inclusive community.’

Martin Porteous, Joint CEO


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