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Published in spring and autumn every year, Inala News features what’s been happening at Inala.


Latest edition – Spring 2022

Welcome to the Spring edition of Inala News. With the weather warming up, and case numbers of COVID going down, we are excited to get back into a more regular routine at Inala. COVID continues to bring its challenges but we maintain a positive attitude and outlook. As the we head into Spring we have a lot to look forward to, the Inala Fair will be back and our second exhibition for the year Synth Social. 

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Annual report

Each annual report provides a summary of our operations during the previous financial year. It also reflects the stories within our community; the many individual achievements at Inala throughout the year; and the range of opportunities for all to re-imagine possibilities, make connections and grow.

2021/22 Annual Report

As we look back on 2021-22 year it is an opportunity to thank the whole team at Inala for their dedication and commitment to our clients, families/extended families, and to each other in a year that has continued to present challenges to our typically social way of life. I would like to particularly acknowledge our staff for their continued resilience, innovation and flexibility as we continued to ensure consistent routines for clients. We are pleased to have seen events begin to return to normal this year and for the continued support of our donors which has seen our Accommodation Appeal raise in excess of $5 million. I am confident that the Board, the Leadership Team and myself are in an excellent position to build on the current foundations and continue to move toward bright future for Inala. 

Alexandra Davis, CEO

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