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Published in spring and autumn every year, Inala News features what’s been happening at Inala.


Latest edition – Autumn 2021

Welcome to the Autumn edition of Inala News. The delicate transition from summer into a mild autumnal glow has certainly been thrown off course by the recent deluge and massive flooding affecting much of the state. While Inala itself was relatively mildly inconvenienced, a significant number of our staff and friends were very heavily impacted, their homes inundated and travel blocked by flooded roads and landslides. Our thoughts are with all affected.
On a brighter note, the reduction of COVID community transmission has meant that service operations and client activities have by and large resumed their normal operations. Of course, we maintain key health and symptom monitoring, cleaning and preventative protocols to ensure vigilance and the wellbeing of all. It has been lovely to have so many friends return to full participation.


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Annual report

Each annual report provides a summary of our operations during the previous financial year. It also reflects the stories within our community; the many individual achievements at Inala throughout the year; and the range of opportunities for all to re-imagine possibilities, make connections and grow.


2021 Annual Report

‘As we reflect on the year 2020-21, we look at all the wonderful achievements and resilience of Inala and our community, even in some very unprecedented times. The Inala community’s ability to Create, Connect and Grow has really shone through over the past year; through the unwavering support of clients, staff and families.  We radically redesigned service delivery to adapt to the impact of COVID-19 and to keep everyone safe whilst continuing to provide meaningful activities to keep us active and engaged throughout COVID-19 lockdowns. We have found new ways to connect to friends and family, and the strength and resilience of our community has grown immensely. Inala continues to be nurtured by the relationships and support of all those connected with it. ‘

Martin Porteous & Rebecca van Bilsen, Joint CEOs


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