An Update on Inala’s Operations

Aug 17, 2020

It has been a week of many changes following a number of positive cases of COVID-19 in Cherrybrook and the surrounding area. The Inala Executive team have continued to monitor the situation, with particular attention to the increase in positive COVID-19 cases in areas close to Inala, including Cherrybrook and Castle Hill.

We want to reassure members of the wider community that we are okay, and all necessary precautions are being taken to minimise risk to help ensure members of the Inala community remain healthy and well. In line with this approach, we see the necessity for re-design of our services in order to continue supports in the safest manner possible, and to minimise the risk associated with the number of people coming into contact with one another as well as congregating in the same space.

As happened in March this year, Inala residents will once again be supported in or from their Inala home environments for Day supports. Inala Day participants living with families or other group homes will continue to be supported in the naturally greatly risk-reduced Day Service environments. The significantly reduced number of clients in Day services means we can continue to practice social separation and allow static groups each day with dedicated staff to minimise the contact points between people.

We continue to monitor daily developments and have made necessary changes to strengthen our guidelines, to limit interaction with and accesses to with wider community, venues and activities.

We believe these changes are appropriate and necessary measures to continue to minimise the risk for all Inala clients and staff and to help ensure their safety and well-being, as well as continue to provide a high level and quality of support through suitable activities and programs. We anticipate we will be in this situation for at least two weeks and possibly longer.

We appreciate the concern from our wider community and wish to thank everyone for their continued support of Inala through this challenging time. Please continue to be vigilant and practice social distancing, good hygiene and follow Government guidelines on wearing masks in areas where you cannot socially distance, particularly in indoor areas.

During these uncertain times, Inala’s vision for a community that is conscious of its members and where each individual make a unique contribution feels as important as ever.

We wish you, your family and friends remain well, healthy and happy and look forward to seeing you at the earliest opportunity.

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