Dec 06

Celebrating our new homes

Last month, we officially opened four beautiful new group homes. This represents the fruition of many years of work to bring to life Inala’s vision for our residents to move to homes in the community. This represents a major milestone and new chapter in Inala’s history.

Each of the homes accommodates between four to five residents living with a carer. In some cases, homes have been designed as a home and a villa (with separate kitchen and bathroom) attached. This allows for support to be very personalised, creating greater choice and independence. Each of the homes have areas where residents can gather to socialise, outdoor areas where families can spend time together and other areas which can be used for quieter and reflective times.

The residents have settled into their new homes and have been flourishing – taking a more active role in household activities, community participation activities and social events.   Each home has been given a meaningful name that holds a special meaning for Inala. Names and meanings include:

  • Mulla Mulla – Jonathan Arndell’s favourite football team
  • Orion – A star constellation
  • Houen – In memory of the late Tony Houen
  • Mullaya – Companion, my friend
  • Kiah – Peaceful Place
  • Alkira – Bright and Sunny
  • Orana – Welcome


The homes were officially opened by
 the Hon. Ray Williams MP, Member for Castle Hill, Minister for Multiculturalism, and Minister for Disability Services. Inala’s Chairman, Bill Best, spoke about the work of Inala and the positive impact the new homes will have on the lives of individuals living with  disability. Greg Simms performed a Welcome to Country.

We are very grateful to the team of people who have made these houses possible and the wonderful support we have received over the life of this project from Family and Community Services (FACs/ADHC), architect Anthony Nolan from Kennedy & Associates, builders Charbel Zeaite and William Khamis and Project Manager Peter Nasr from NASR Group. Their attention to detail and dedication to the project is greatly appreciated.

Residents transition to their new homes.

Over the year, residents and families have been watching with interest as the homes were built.

Upon completion of each villa, the time came, for excited residents to move into their new homes.

Here are some of the highlights!

  • Lucy enjoyed unpacking her boxes and with the help of her mother put the finishing touches to her beautiful new bedroom.
  • William celebrated his birthday with one of his favourite chocolate desserts, Tiramisu!
  • Warren and Pablo are regularly cooking up a storm, proudly serving home-made spaghetti Bolognese to their housemates.
  • Weekends have featured outings to the Reptile Park and Richmond which everyone enjoys, especially Michael who can indulge in his love of plane watching and Daryl, who enjoys observing the trains.


Avinesh, a carer at Kiah says “There is such a sense of happiness as everyone contributes and feels good about their home and themselves and have the opportunity to get out into the community much more than ever before”.



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