Create a place of belonging 

Our supported accommodation options enable you to live the live you choose, while belonging to a nurturing and caring community.

Supported Disability Accommodation
Supported Independent Living
Specialist Independent
Supporting your independence

Inala will work with you to develop home support options that suit your lifestyle, assistance needs, special interests, talents and strengths. You can actively participate in the running of your home enjoy visits from family and friends, and engage in activities in the local community Inala employs a caring, trained and qualified team to provide individualised supports based on your NDIS plan and your preferences. Enjoy a variety of recreational activities based on your personal interests, such as gardening, exercise, movies, music, drama, sports, excursions and holidays.

Specialist Disability
A home of one’s own

Inala provides SDA in purpose-designed homes for individuals with a variety of support needs. Each home is part of a warm and supportive community where friendships develop and self-expression and independence are encouraged and supported.

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