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Thanks to your support, Inala can continue to provide the highest quality support to individuals living with disability.

Every donation counts

Together, we can ensure that everyone we support has the opportunity to Create lives of meaning, Connect with others, and Grow to discover what’s possible.

Thank you for making a difference!

Vital fundraising

"Our committee can immediately see where our fundraising goes, whether it's for musical instruments, a sensory playground or a new bus. It's very humbling and satisfying to know we can contribute and make a difference.

Gail - Inala Fundraising Committee

Community connections

'Inala is an outstanding organisation in my electorate that demonstrates so much about my community that makes me proud. Inala has always been an organisation that values each person and believes that everyone should be enabled to live a life of meaning and purpose.'

Federal Member for Berowra, Julian Leeser MP


'Inala is a special place full of inspiring clients, dedicated staff and loving families. We have been privileged to a part of the Inala family for a number of years. We have enjoyed supporting programs that bring joy to Inala clients and enhance their lives.'

Andrew Michael and Michele Brooks

Thank You To Our Partners and Sponsors

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