We love working with volunteers. Our volunteers include community groups, students, corporate teams and individuals sharing their skills and passions.
Whether you volunteer for a few hours, for a day or on a regular basis, your time and contribution will make a difference. Inala has many opportunities to volunteer available throughout the year, such as:

  • Working directly with people with disabilities
  • Assisting with administrative tasks
  • Professional skills and Pro-bono work
  • Assisting with transport
  • Gardening
  • Student placements and internships
  • Corporate volunteer days
  • Helping at one of the many fundraising events throughout the year



“I volunteer at Inala because I know that I am doing good and giving back to an organisation that shares common values.”



John and Peter began gardening together every week in 2014, working on various activities depending on the season and need.  Now John visits Peter not only to garden, but as a friend.  

This friendship is an opportunity for Peter to learn and grow, but also for John to give back and contribute.

We would love to talk to you about volunteering at Inala. Contact Lucy Regan, Communications and Engagement Manager on lregan@inala.org.au for more information.