Grateful for grants

Jul 26, 2018

Over the last few months, Inala has been the proud recipient of a number of grants and we’d like to extend our thanks to the organisations who are providing support to Inala through their grants programs.
Support from UPS to repaint bedrooms at Pohl Cottage
One of our group homes, Pohl Cottage, which was built in 1990, is home to Joy, Christine, Katie, Genevieve, Kathy and Angela. It was last painted over 12 years ago and UPS have provided Inala with a grant to enable the six bedrooms and hallway to be given a fresh coat of paint. This will brighten the home environment and will create opportunities for participation as residents work together to select their favourite colours.
Support from Castle Hill RSL to purchase two lifting pillows
From time to time, with age and mobility issues, falls can occur. Earlier in the year, Inala identified a specialised lifting pillow that is designed to lift a person from the floor to an elevated sitting position after a fall. Through the ClubGrants program, Castle Hill RSL has supported the purchase of two lifting pillows that will improve the quality of care for individuals who are at risk of falls at Coolamon and our Day Service, Mingara, in Castle Hill.
Support from Woollahra Council Community & Cultural Grant for Miroma Art Exhibition
This year’s Miroma Art Exhibition will again be held at the Gaden Cafe. The exhibition will display artworks created by Miroma clients as part of the Art Therapy Program that runs throughout the year. The grant will support the framing of the exhibiting artworks and the opening night celebration. The exhibition, which is open to the public for two weeks, provides the artists with confidence and demonstrates to them that their work is meaningful, valued and publicly celebrated. At the same time, it allows the community to appreciate the talents and abilities of people living with disability and an opportunity to purchase artwork for their homes and offices. For more information about the Miroma Art Exhibition, please visit
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