History & The Inala Ethos

Inala is a human-centre organisation and community, with the vision to create community and serve humanity

Inala, meaning place of peace, was established in 1958 as a school for children with intellectual disabilities by medical practitioner and anthroposophist Dr Joachim Pohl and his wife Kyra Pohl, a Steiner-trained teacher of children with special needs.

The Pohls were supported by a group of families who were seeking education and accommodation support for their children with special needs. They set up a beautiful environment in an elegant old home in Cherrybrook with an educational and therapeutic program designed to help the children develop in mind, body and soul.

As the children grew and became adults, and demand for support beyond school increased, new services and premises were progressively added. Since 2005, Inala’s expertise has focused on supporting adults living with disabilities. In 2010 Inala amalgamated with Miroma, a smaller sister organisation based in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Today Inala is a thriving community that supports over 200 adults living with disability and their families with a range of services across Sydney.

With a reputation for excellence, and known for the warmth and individual care given to clients and their families, great pride is taken in providing for each person’s all-round personal growth, skills development, self-esteem, independence and community involvement. Each individual and their unique contribution is celebrated.

Rudolf Steiner and
The Inala Ethos

Dr Rudolf Steiner (1861–1925) was an Austrian-born educator, artist and philosopher who believed that each human being is an individual with a unique destiny to create a life of meaning and purpose. That belief is what drives Inala, and is the basis of The Inala Ethos, a guiding set of principles that give Inala its unique identity and substance.
An Ethos is the characteristic spirit of a community and encompasses the purpose, fundamental values and characteristics of those who live within it. At Inala, our Ethos informs our values, vision, mission and approach to providing support to people living with disability, and our commitment to our values and principles permeate the services, opportunities, supports, lifestyles and interactions we provide.

Inala’s values are:

The 10 Principles of the Inala Ethos are:

  1. To recognise and respect the eternal in each human being 
  2. To understand human development, each individual’s disability, needs, and potential for future growth 
  3. To appreciate the working of destiny in the individual and the community 
  4. To be committed to the development of the individual and the community 
  5. To actively encourage clients to make a contribution to their environment and to the general society 
  6. To be committed to the Principles of Rudolf Steiner Curative Education and Social Therapy 
  7. To strive for clarity in communication 
  8. To strive for the highest standard in professional knowledge and service delivery 
  9. To provide quality of life for clients and for all involved in the Inala Community 
  10. To encourage all members of the Inala Community to adopt a responsible and caring attitude.
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