Honouring the Inala Board

Dec 14, 2018

On Monday 10 December, the Inala Board of Directors – Bill Best (Chairman), Richard Gibb AM, Kimberley Holden, Judith Howard, Tina Lee, Kim Nicholas and John Rumpler (Treasurer) – met for the Christmas board meeting. Directors Ian Copp and John Wilshire were unable to attend.

Joint CEOs Rebecca van Bilsen and Martin Porteous praised the dedication of the board members, saying:

‘We are grateful for the guidance of each and every member of the board and their commitment. We recognise their generosity, experience and broad range of expertise that supports the vision and governance of Inala.’

At the meeting, directors were honoured with Years of Service Awards.

As with Inala staff, there is a remarkable record of longevity and loyalty among the Inala board members – Richard Gibb AM has committed an amazing 35 years to Inala, many of these as chairman.

Thank you to all our board members for their generous support and much-valued contribution to Inala.

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