Inala making waves!

Mar 20, 2018

Over the last month, Inala residents have enjoyed two days out at Sydney beaches at events specifically designed for individuals living with disability. Two events, organised by the Disabled Surfers Association ( were held at Collaroy Beach on Sunday, February 24th and Palm Beach on Sunday March 18th. Inala has been joining in on these events for many years now as they offer so much to those attending – a chance for challenge, new experiences, goals achieved and of course, fun!

The volunteers from DSA are amazing and come from all over Sydney to be part of these events and an opportunity to help and give back.

For a number of people this was their first time surfing!

With support and encouragement from Josh from Kiah and an incredible volunteer named Rosco, Pablo felt safe enough to make it into the ocean and onto a surfboard! Afterwards, Pablo was beaming from ear to ear and was very proud of himself and his achievement.

Another highlight came from Stuart, who with support from Di from “Illoura” and volunteers from the DSA was able to get on a stable, “Malibu” board in the ocean pool, which was a huge step for him. Who knows what might happen next year!

Following the Collaroy event, six more “Inala Surfers” made it along to the gorgeous and picturesque Palm Beach, catching the last of the warm, sunny weather. They all had a another exciting day and William, supported by Josh, was able to join in as well and participate in this unique experience. William’s sister, Jo, also came along to the event and rode a wave with William.

Enjoy the photo gallery and the happy smiles!

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