Making a difference

Your generous support makes a difference to the lives of individuals living with disability.

Meet Simon

Simon is one of the more familiar faces at Inala having starred in many of the Dulkara Film Group productions and is always the first to pose for pictures! His Mum Judy tells us, somehow he seems to get into pictures and that’s because he loves Inala.

Simon first joined Inala in 1989 as a student at the original Inala school. Having attended our day services for many years Simon made Inala his home 10 years ago, and hasn’t looked back.

Simon is always up for a chat and an adventure, heading out whenever he can for movies, shows or just a day out. Simon has built many relationships within the Inala community and he is always inviting of others to his home for dinner, especially when he is the head chef! There’s never a final greeting without a “Now, when are you coming over for dinner?”

Meet Michelle

Michelle has been part of the Inala family for the past 41 years. She loves attending Dulkara and having lived in several different homes she is currently residing in Banksia supported by Carmen and Non, who she adores. Her brother Richard tells us…
Michelle is so happy at Inala, she loves the staff, she loves the people and we know they always put her first. As she has gotten older she has faced challenges with her hearing and the dedicated Health Care Team have been able to source a solution which has helped her be able to hear and communicate better. We know Inala is always looking out for the best interests of Michelle and for that we are so grateful.
Michelle attends Dulkara five days a week and enjoys her time spent in the woodworking room where she is an expert in sanding wheels for making trucks and toys. She also enjoys community access on a Tuesday and creating canvas art.

She loves to knit, a skill taught to her by her late mother and watching her favourite movie ‘The Sound of Music’. Her laugh is infectious and she always has time to sit and chat over a cuppa.

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