Our Kensington Park centre focuses on individual support and skills development for young people. Individuals develop independent living skills, building self confidence and are encouraged to participate in the local community. Our Kensington Park centre is open on Mondays and Wednesdays.

There is a continually developing range of opportunities including:

Creative Art and Craft

Painting, Candle making, Card making, Movement and Drama, Drawing and Sketching, Jewellery making, Creative Recycling, Craftwork, Digital Art and Photography.

Specialised therapies

Eurythmy, Music and Movement.

 Education and Pre-vocational and work skills training

Computers, Literacy and Numeracy, Travel Training, Work experience, Work skills training and development.

Health and Wellbeing

Fitness programs, Sport, Games, Bushwalking, Swimming, Ball Sports, Capoiera, Tai Chi and Healthy Cooking.

Life Skills Development

Shopping, Money Skills, Travel Training, Car Wash, Meal Preparation, Communication Skills, Self Advocacy and Social skills programs.

Community Involvement and Volunteer programs

Crusaders of the Coast, Community Garden, Child Care Volunteering, Coastal Cleanup, Meal Delivery, Dog Walking and Bush Regeneration.

Community Participation

Coffee shops, Picnics and BBQs, Beaches, Sailing, Galleries, National Parks and Museum.

Miroma’s annual art exhibition and quarterly festivals are examples of some of the interesting and exciting events held throughout the year.

Miroma supports individuals to continually develop creative and artistic skills, vocational and life skills and therapeutic support based on individual choice and interests.

Contact Details

(02) 9337 5167


1 Day Lane
Kensington Park NSW