Miroma’s Spring Festival

Sep 26, 2018

Celebrating growth and renewed energy, Miroma’s Spring Festival on Tuesday 25 September was a chance for everyone to come together, have some fun, and share their artistic talents.

Much preparation had gone into the day, with beautiful handmade decorations adorning the hall.

Victor was the MC with the most, and the karaoke was a hit with everyone!

With musical and drama performances, as well as the limbo and musical chairs, everyone was encouraged to take part.

‘It’s a wonderful time to have fun and just enjoy being together,’ said Hopi, Support Worker and Social Educator.

Followed by lunch outdoors in the sunshine and music from A Sound Life, the day was filled with good vibes, good fun and good friends.

Phil from A Sound Life commented, ‘Dafna and I had so much fun. Everyone really got into the music; such joy and participation. I haven’t seen so many smiles in one place!”

We couldn’t agree more!

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