Morning Tea and Memories

Dec 3, 2019

On Monday December 2nd, we hosted a Morning Tea for Inala’s long-term parents and siblings. It was a great chance for everyone to catch up, reminisce and revisit the very start of Inala. Old photos and stories of the early days of Inala were shared – including stories from two of our founding family members!

It was wonderful to hear personal recounts of the brilliance of Dr. Pohl, the compassion of his wife Kyra and the dedication and care they had for all at Inala. There were plenty of tales of childhood mischief and schoolyard crushes, along with the appreciation of how Dr. Pohl, Kyra and all those at Inala supported their loved ones to truly flourish.

The theme of our morning tea was “Making it Possible”. We are so very thankful for all the support and dedication this wonderful group have given to Inala over the last 60 years and everything that they have made possible through their commitment. Without them, Inala wouldn’t have grown to be the organisation it is today.

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