No place like home

Oct 17, 2018

Our TAFE Art group at Dulkara have been exploring the meaning of home through a variety of mediums for a new exhibition in conjunction with Link Housing.

Currently showing at North Sydney Community Centre until Friday 26 October and then at Ryde Community Centre from 30 October until 9 November, the exhibition aims to ‘highlight the importance of safe and secure housing and show how a home can transform lives.’

The exhibition also raises awareness about the lack of affordable housing in Sydney and the need for community housing.

Inala has entered 17 pieces from nine artists – Ann, Claudia, Ian, Kevin, Greg, Jason, Mary, Peter and Tom. Their artwork and artists’ statements sensitively capture the essence of what home means to them and gives an insight into how the day-to-day gives our lives meaning.

‘Kevin is a people person; he arrives at Inala calling ‘Good morning!’ and waving to his friends. Being with friends and family makes Kevin feel at home.’

‘Family looms large for Jason in his art and he talks about times spent with his parents and life at home. Jason often sings while he makes art and the lilt and rhythm of his voice weaves its way into his depictions of home.’

‘Greg’s energetic mark making quivers with his enthusiasm for his life, family and friends in the Inala community. There is an optimism in every drawing he makes.’

‘Ian is a thinker who loves to tell stories of his life and home and his aspirations. The cat is lovingly rendered, expressing his wish to have a pet cat to come home to.’

‘The gentleness of Peter’s nature comes through in his softly rendered drawings. With a close family and living with good friends, Peter enjoys his life. He talks about life at his home – afternoon tea with scones, barbecues on the weekends, and the jobs he enjoys doing that contribute to the household. Peter’s contentment is evident in the tender, dreamy nature of his work.’

Creating a real sense of home – one that nurtures the physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of each person – is something that is very important to us at Inala, so we are thrilled to be involved, and touched by the sentiments behind the artwork.

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