Siblings celebrate Inala’s 60th Anniversary

Jun 15, 2018

In May, Inala held a cocktail party for siblings at the home of Angus and Kimberley Holden, as part of the 60thAnniversary celebrations.

It was a wonderful evening where siblings and their partners could connect and share heartfelt stories of their individual experiences. Many siblings had not met before and the night was an opportunity to initiate conversations that will no doubt continue and flourish in the future.

Angus Holden spoke of the changing times and the heightened role of siblings in Inala’s future. This was followed by a number of people sharing stories and anecdotes about their own sibling and their experiences of being part of a family with a member with disability.

We have had such positive feedback about the event and will certainly create opportunities for siblings to come together again in the future.

Inala would like to once again thank Angus and Kimberley for opening their home and so generously hosting such a wonderful evening.

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