Spring Festival at Cherrybrook

Sep 28, 2018

Though the evening was dark and drizzly, a light emanated from the Lesley Evans Hall and the warmness of the evening was inviting.

As we took our places and the lights went down, Dan’s bright orange shirt, which he joked could be seen from space, and his witty banter illuminated the hall.

Once the acts started, participants, friends, family and staff alike were in for even more of a treat.

‘Spring Festivals at Inala are all about coming together as a community and celebrating the contributions and talents of each individual through music, drama and other creative mediums,’ says Joint CEO Rebecca van Bilsen.

And it was. The Inala Ensemble, dashing in their glitter hats, and each of our North West Day Services (Dulkara, Mingara and Wandana) performed songs and music, and there was even a shadow puppet performance.

The Dulkara Media Group and Film Group presented their multimedia piece and short film to much enjoyment and applause while Ian, Stewart, Venessa and Kim also delighted the audience. Likewise our excecutive committee, who performed Blue Danube for the finale.

Special thanks to Karmina and Natalia from Tangara for their beautiful performance, and Richard Kerslake for always capturing our events on (digital) film.

‘It was fantastic that our friends in the community and students from Tangara School were able to be involved too,’ added Rebecca.

To everyone who each in their own way contributed a dash of colour to the evening and were there to celebrate our Spring Festival, we thank you.

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