Mar 30

Stimulating the Senses

Wandana participants were excited to be able to recommence their weekly program of attending the interactive sensory room at Bella Vista.

A Sensory Room is a special therapeutic space where the participant feels relaxed and entirely at ease while being able to initiate and control effects created within the room. The Sensory Room provides physical and mental stimulus as well as encouraging independence for all participants. Due to COVID there have been changes to some of the items but it hasn’t changed the fun and enthusiasm showed by each of the participants.

As there is such a great love of this program from those at Wandana that there has been a need to facilitate two separate programs to accommodate more people being able to attend.

Our clients enjoy interacting with the sensory equipment especially the interactive wall and lights. It is clear what everyones favourite sections are; Maddy enjoys being able to walk around on the cushioned flooring and using the floor piano while Renee focuses on changing the lighting bar by throwing the interactive cube. Karan and Nic R spend their time on the floor engaging with the sensory wall. The wall includes lots of buttons, cranks and interactive sounds. Asha also enjoys time on the floor playing with the special fibre optic lighting that resembles seaweed. Amy, Jessica and Georgia enjoy listening to the music and adapting the light to the beats. A favourite of the ladies is the projection wall. It is a close contest as to whether the under the sea or ballooning in the sky projection is the winner. Chris has a lovely time attending and was very independent in finding his way around the room and investigating all the different equipment.

There is a long waiting list of clients to attend in the remainder of the terms this year and others who enjoy filling in when participants are not able to attend their rostered day. It is wonderful to be able to take part in such a great program promoting independence to many of our clients.

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