Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Oct 19, 2019

Georgia, Sarah, Corinne, Renee, Cathy and Maddy enjoyed a day to Taronga Zoo on Tuesday the 15th of October. We were lucky enough to have tickets donated to us and it couldn’t have been a more perfect day!

Our first stop was the chimpanzees which Sarah and Maddy loved, they were playing on the hill and the baby was close to the glass. Renee was laughing at the big chimp on the grass who turned his back to us.

We watched the elephant’s enjoyed a bath, all except the baby elephant who was being naughty and not listening to their trainer!

The tiger trek was fantastic, as were the volunteers who assisted us into the simulated fight taking us into the Sumatran forest, one tiger in particular was very interested in watching us from his spot on the gang walk – it was amazing to see the tigers so close.

Cathy was interested in finding out who kept making all the noise, we think the sea lion and gibbons were trying to see who could make the most noise.

Lunch was spent in the company of a pretty Red Panda and a couple of cheeky bush turkeys who tried to run away with a lunch box.

Alex and Merle, our two German staff, were impressed with the fantastic views of Sydney and the harbour from the Eagle enclosure.

As we waited for our transport to arrive, Georgia and Sarah were fascinated with watching the large seal from the underwater viewing platform, he kept diving in and out of view and the ladies were watching the glass to see where and when he would pop up from next.

It was a fantastic day!

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