Social interactions and meaningful community participation and involvement are at the core of all Inala programs and everyone is encouraged and supported to fully participate in community life.

Wandana seeks to provide the widest range of meaningful, creative and therapeutic opportunities especially for individuals who benefit from extra supports. Having an environment that caters specifically for their particular needs enables each individual further opportunity for personal growth, experience and genuine participation in a wide range of therapeutic activities, supporting their ongoing creative and social development and health and well-being.

All programs have as their basis the priorities, aspirations and ongoing development of the individual and are developed together.

There is a continually developing wide range of opportunities including:


Community Participation and Involvement

A huge range of personally chosen community-based recreational and leisure activities , including Shopping, Cafes, Cinemas, Bushwalking, Swimming, BBQs and picnics, Bowling, Museums, Art Galleries and Clubs, and volunteering (Meals on Wheels, Newspaper delivery).

Life Skills Development

Travel training, Cooking and Gardening, Shopping and Money skills, Communication, Literacy and Numeracy, computer skills and Social skills.   

Creative Arts and crafts

Including Art, painting, felting, music, drama and movement.

Health and Wellbeing

Including Gym, Relaxation, Massage, Exercises and Sport and Healthy Cooking.

Specialised therapies

Music, Drama, Massage, Movement, Reflexology, Physiotherapy and Sensory work.

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Contact Details

(02) 8853 0507

160 - 168 Castle Hill Road
Cherrybrook NSW 2126